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School year lesson information

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Music instruction for a student grades 2-12 includes 27 half-hour lessons and weekly after-school orchestra rehearsals. When possible, lessons are during the school day at a student’s school in small groups or individually. Students may take the bus from their elementary schools to the Robert J. Elkington Middle School (RJEMS) to attend orchestra practice at 3:30 pm in the band room. Cellos and basses are not allowed on school buses and must be dropped off at the school by parents and guardians.


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Payment is required in the on-line registration process available through If you are choosing to pay in installments, you will need to log into your account through The first payment is due October 15 and the final on May 1. Payment in full in October and promptness are greatly appreciated.

The IOSP program is a full-year commitment. The tuition is for the full year and must be paid even if the student drops the lessons.

Lessons begin in the fall, but students are welcome to join at any time in the school year. Students who join after the October enrollment date will be invoiced from the month they join through the end of May, and will not be charged the full yearly tuition rate.

Financial Assistance
IOSP has a limited number of partial scholarships and loans available each year. The scholarship application is incorporated into the online registration process available at Families will be required to submit a proof of income, such as a copy of the most recent tax filing in order to verify income and secure a scholarship.
Utilizing the MN Education Credit with a Loan from the IOSP

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Click here to watch a video tutorial to assist with completing the scholarship portion of online registration

Registrations submitted in the spring of each year guarantee a spot for next year’s program. Fall registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis. Families owing any tuition or rental fees from the previous year will not be allowed to register for next year’s classes until payment is fully made.

Instrument Rental
Instrument Care Instructions
IOSP has instruments available for rental.

Violins:   $15
Violas:    $15
Cellos:    $25
Basses:   $30

Lessons and events calendar for IOSP may be found on the current news page. If school in ISD 318 is cancelled then lessons and student orchestra practices are cancelled.

Regular attendance at student orchestra rehearsals is a requirement. The director may determine when a student has missed too many rehearsals and not be allowed to perform with the orchestra in concert.

Regular practice is most important. Generally, 20-30 minutes most days is a good basis, with shorter time for beginning students.

Concert Dress
There are two student concerts at the Reif Center. Dress for girls and boys is all black including shoes and socks.