Individual Lessons, Group Lessons & Orchestra

/Individual Lessons, Group Lessons & Orchestra
Individual Lessons, Group Lessons & Orchestra 2021-09-14T22:29:40-05:00

The Full Orchestra Experience 

This lesson package was designed to maximize your student’s musical exposure and includes private and group lessons as well as orchestra membership. Students will work on individual growth, receiving instrument specific instruction and prepare for performance with a mix of instruments.

Grades K-5th
30 min Lessons

Annual Price: $640 | Additional Child Price: $590

Monthly: $82 | Monthly-Additional: $75

Grades 6th-Adult
45 min Lessons

Annual Price: $910 | Additional Child Price:$860

Monthly: $115 | Monthly-Additional: $110

Register for the program through Get Learning by paying a $50 commitment fee. After registration you will receive an email with an invitation to our September 21st orientation as well as information on scheduling and payment options.



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