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TCCC/Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program Music Camp in partnership with Reif Dance, Reif Theater Ed and the MacRostie Arts Center

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AUGUST 22 – 27, 2021

Reif Arts Center
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The TCCC/IOSP camp activities will focus on nurturing the individual potential of participants and ownership of their art, providing a safe and supportive environment for creativity and expression, developing team-work skills, and an understanding of music as a universal language, accessible to all. We are hoping to engage our existing and future students into creating their own artistic community, one that they will be proud of and they will want to belong to. In addition, diverse and international backgrounds of the our faculty combined with their worldwide experience as teaching artists, will serve as a tool for increasing the general awareness of the importance of art, enrich, inspire and educate the participants in the context of cultural diversity.

The camp is designed for students between 8-18 years old and will offer a combination of instrumental training, workshops based on innovative teaching methods (Harvard University Pretexts), group activities focused on the integration of arts, and performance opportunities. Special events include a week-long exhibition of participants’ artwork created during the camp.

Registration will be available via GetLearning when their summer catalog is live. Registration will be limited due to Covid-19 distancing requirements.

Prices-    $150 1st child   ($125 through 5/31)   *    $135 additional ($110 through 5/31)

Low income scholarships available. Please contact our office [email protected]

Registration for Summer Camp

Summer lesson registration now open!

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We have made some changes to our program to increase our commitment to musical growth and program quality. Lesson times have been extended to 45 minutes for older students and a group rehearsal option has been added.

Orchestra membership includes private lessons, orchestra rehearsals and enrichment activities, workshops and performances in the community as well as two formal performances in the Wilcox Theater of the Reif Performing Arts Center. If you are interested in maximizing your student’s orchestra experience, we recommend that you also register for the optional group rehearsals.

Students that are interested in learning to play a string instrument, but are not ready to commit to regular orchestra rehearsals can sign up for the lesson only option.

Our highly skilled instructors provide weekly individual lessons in violin, viola, cello or bass during the school day in Grand Rapids, Deer River and Greenway schools. Homeschooled students and adults take lessons in our Reif Center offices. Orchestra Rehearsals will be held in room 1212 of the Grand Rapids Middle School. Lesson scheduling priority will be given to students to register for orchestra membership.

Registration is a commitment to the school year and includes 27 individual lessons October through May.

Group lesson

New this year! This is an opportunity to maximize your musical growth. Students who are registered for lessons are invited to register for a additional group activity which will provide an opportunity to learn and play with students playing the same instrument. Groups will meet in room 1212 at the RJEMS Middle School Thursday after school. Violins, Violas, cellos and basses will learn techniques specific to their instrument and will have the opportunity to receive master classes. Groups will rehearse to perform at our student concerts and other performance opportunities.

Payment information

Program Age Lesson Length Annual price Additional child price Monthly payment option Monthly payment – Additional Children
Lessons only Grade School 30 minute $   540 $   540 $   70 $   70
Lessons only Grades 6th – adult 45 minutes $   810 $   810 $  104 $  104
Youth Orchestra 2nd – 5th grade 30 minute & 1 hour $   640 $   590 $   82 $   75
Youth Orchestra Grades 6th-adult 45 minutes & 1 hour $   910 $   860 $  115 $  110
Group Lessons 2nd grade – adult 1 hour $  270 $   250 $   35 $   35

Financial Assistance

Scholarship information and applications to be available May 24th, 2021

The Itasca Orchestra strives to make our program affordable to all. Program fees are priced below cost thanks to generous financial support. For those who require additional help making the program affordable for their family, we have three forms of financial assistance. Our competitive Scholarships and IOSP low-income assistance is available to students who register for the Youth Orchestra Program and make a commitment to regular attendance and performance.

Low income assistance through Minnesota Afterschool Advance is available to all students.

Competitive scholarship – Deadline June 30, 2021  Form Available May 24th, 2021

Low income assistance – 75% of fees based on a Minnesota Tax Credit through Minnesota Afterschool Advance

Low income assistance –  Available to students registered in the Youth Orchestra option.

Instrument Rental

IOSP has instruments available for rent at monthly rates:

Students who qualify for low income assistance will receive half priced instrument rental.

Violins:   $15     *     Violas:    $15     *     Cellos:    $25     *     Upright Bass:   $30

   Instrument Care Policy


Please attend the open house event to receive information about rentals and have your child fitted for an instrument.

Cellos and basses are not allowed on school buses and must be dropped off at the school by parents and guardians. Ask us about the possibility of having an instrument available for lessons to eliminate instrument transportation.


The lessons will take place weekly between October and May. There will be 27 lessons and 27 orchestra rehearsals for each student. Lessons and events calendar for IOSP will be posted on the current news page (not yet available).  If school in ISD 318 is cancelled then lessons and student orchestra practices are cancelled. Lessons cancelled by school cancellations or by the student will not be rescheduled.

Regular attendance at student orchestra rehearsals is required. The director may determine when a student has missed too many rehearsals and not be allowed to perform with the orchestra in the concert. *Modifications will be made because of COVID-19. Online attendance may be substituted and performances will be modified.

After School Orchestra Rehearsals: Weekly group rehearsals are included in the lesson price. In groups, students will learn gain important skills and will work together to prepare pieces for performance.


Regular practice is important. Generally 20-30 minutes most days is a good basis, with shorter time for beginning students. Students will be expected to hand in practice sheets weekly. Practice awards will be presented at student concerts.

Concert Dress

A December and May concert are normally held in the Wilcox Theater at the Reif Performing Arts Center. In May of 2021, the students will present their concert virtually.